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Xcite Books


Kinky Girls

An Xcite Collection of Women on the Wild Side

by Angela Propps, Carmel Lockyer, Chris Ross, Alex Severn, K D Grace, Brandon Burnham, Maggie Morton, Tabitha Rayne, Jeremy Smith, Alcamia Payne, Eva Hore,Penelope Friday, Sommer Marsden, Justine Elyot, Ruth Marie De La Flambeau,Morgan Honeyman, Tara S Nichols, Teresa Noelle Roberts, L. A. Fields, Miranda Forbes, Cyanne



Xcite Books

This Woman Is Dangerous

A collection of five erotic stories

by Miranda Forbes, Landon Dixon, Courtney James, Lynn Lake, Beverly Langland, Tara S Nichols




Cobblestone Press


If Lydia had thought the news of her impending doom had thrown her for a loop, she was wrong, dead wrong. After Sebastian, the sexy male nurse who worked at her clinic, claimed to be a vampire, the doctor’s diagnosis that she had terminal brain cancer seemed almost acceptable. Now Sebastian was offering her another chance to live, or, something along those lines, she just had to die first.



Sadie Davies is running away for the second time in her life. She had been fifteen and in search of stardom the first time she ran away to the city. This time she is running from it.

After buying a rundown farm house near where she grew up, Sadie plans to search for the family she abandoned so many years ago. Intending to keep a low profile she sets up for a simplistic, solitary life but with sexy, know-it-all, neighbor Dustin Reed she finds it rather difficult, and he’s as complicated as they come.



It has been years since Pyper has seen any sign of Liam Patterson so she is surprised when he reappears outside his old stomping grounds. More surprising is when he addresses her by her name. By the looks of Liam very little had changed about the beach loving playboy.

He was just as handsome and just as flirtatious, although it never was her he had been flirting with, until now. As their secrets unravel both summer residents are faced with the thought of never returning to Victoria Beach, the place where their fantasies began.

Logical Lust



The Cougar Book



Bookstrand Publishing

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Noble Romance Publishing – Spank Me Twice Anthology

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